Teresa's Laughter Yoga Testimonials

"What an amazing group of remarkable people.  Your laughter yoga leader training was a delightfully transformative experience through laughter.  I have taken laughter yoga and spread it with great success to a group of individuals with great challenges who also haven't laughed in some time.  As a clinical social worker, I have implemented a laughter yoga mindfulness weekly group in an inpatient forensic psychiatric setting and am able to positively impact a broader range of people.  These transformative qualities of laughter yoga transcend even the best therapeutic interventions. Thanks for what you do!" — DM

"To add to the above, laughter yoga has allowed individuals to be in the moment, rather than fixating on past mistakes or anxiety about the future. Through laughter, the question of 'Who am I', provides the answer so many struggle to understand. We are not our jobs, we are not our past, we simply are joy.  What a gift to provide individuals who have lost hope long ago. Additionally, through Teresa's positive affirmation exercises the challenged individuals I work with now actually believe, 'they are amazing.' Rather than acting out with violence and rage, my patients tell me, 'You are amazing.' These transformative qualities of laughter yoga transcend even the best therapeutic interventions. Thank you Teresa. You are amazing!"


"As a forensic clinical social worker I have been be selected to participate in a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) $500,000 training grant through the CA Department of State Hospitals (DSH) in an effort to bring evidence based treatment into the forensic setting to better treat individuals with the greatest propensity of harm to self and others. DBT is a melding of Buddhist mindfulness practices and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with it's goal being to empower the most dysregulated individuals by teaching them skills to better control their mind, body, and actions. This training had over 200 clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and rehab therapists from all the state hospitals, as well as DSH board of directors representatives.  

Thanks to your kindness, mentorship, and comprehensive training I had the ability to incorporate Laughter Yoga, as an evidence-based mindfulness practice, into this training seminar. So, I had 200 of the states top clinicians and administrators, as well as Sherri Manning, PhD, the CEO of two companies that provide training, consultation, and research in DBT doing laughter yoga.

Of course, my Laughter Yoga was the hit of the training. I had all these clinicians and administrators not only tapping into their own joy and laughter centers, but also recognizing the value of laughter yoga for the individuals we treat. Not only did I receive private thanks from so many clinicians who were touched by Laughter Yoga, but the leader of the training, Dr. Manning, spoke to me afterward and shared that she was impacted in a deeply profound way, and she would be incorporating this practice into DBT and her future trainings.

So, not only have I brought Laughter Yoga into my own practice, but I have helped to spread it throughout the CA Dept. of State Hospitals as well as DBT. WOW!!! Who would think that laughter is the most powerful medicine!!!" — DM


"My experience with bringing Laugher Yoga to the patients at Mt. Zion was incredibly powerful. The fact that we were able to bring joy to a man who had been sitting alone in a dark hospital room in a matter of seconds was quite impressive. He was skeptical at first, but when we started laughing he could not help but laugh with us. This was a demonstration of just how contagious laughter can be. The man we had walked in on was completely changed, he no longer looked like he was in pain, and started talking about positivity and how easily it's benefits can be achieved.  I would like to think that we helped warm his heart for the rest of the day, just as he had warmed mine." — MM


"Teresa offers the liberating teachings of Laughter Yoga in a way that makes the practice accessible for everyone.  Her warm manner makes each person feel right at home, as she gracefully bridges the childish playfulness of Laughter Yoga with practical real world applications.  Healthcare professionals, traditional yoga/ meditation teachers and laypeople alike can enjoy Teresa’s classes and trainings side by side, as she offers a touch point for everyone to access their own release through laughter.  You will feel comfortable opening yourself in her classes, while finding confidence as a LY leader and discovering gentle ways to break through your own boundaries to true joy.  She encourages each participant to teach from their own experience and constructively supports everyone in a loving and grounded way.  I highly recommend studying and playing with Teresa, my life is forever changed since I did!" — BF, ERYT, Yoga Instructor and Doula


"This class by far exceeded my expectations; I felt confident to bring this to my community immediately and I haven’t had this many laughs in years!  I feel full of joy." — PW


"Teresa represents the best and highest principles of Laughter Yoga. She's an inspired teacher who possesses a rare mixture of wisdom, playfulness and passion, with the ability to connect with everyone and bring out the spontaneous joy and shining spirit in each of us. I attended Teresa's weekend training to become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and was truly impressed with her ability to make the learning process so comprehensive, relevant and fun. She even invited me to come back and teach one of her regular classes in San Francisco one night, which was an incredible experience, not only increasing my confidence and skill as a leader, and also having a total blast! Teresa is one very special person and she conducts her classes like a laughter maestro. Take this class!" — PG

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